Identify Contacts origin per webform

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Is there a way to identify the origin (which webform, of several webforms, it came from)

Tag, or identify automatically a contact in a custom field, the form it came from, or some other way..

For example, 3 forms are on the web, and the contacts grow as the forms are submitted, later, I want to be able to know specific contact origin.

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    I haven't used Pipedrive webforms, but I will try my best here otherwise I highly recommend Jotform for this.

    Option 1 - using Pipdrive Webforms
    Add a custom field related to the type of form it is and prefill it. If that is not possible, try to add a custom field that the lead can choose that would be likely a match of the type of form it is. 

    For Example, if we have 3 different forms on 3 different pages like Instagram funnel page, Facebook funnel page, youtube funnel page... the forms on those pages can have a custom field called "referral" and the options can be "Instagram, Facebook, youtube". Then that can be how you know where they came from.

    Option 2 - using external form service
    Use free version, you can add a hidden custom field that goes directly into a custom field on your deal in Pipedrive that says what form it is. 

    For example, In Pipedrive create a custom deal field called "Form Type". Then on Jotform make 3 different forms with a short text field that contains a short text question called "Form Type" and prefill the default value with what form it is. Then hide that "Form Type" question so it doesn't show up when a lead sees your form. That's it, when you integrate the form to Pipedrive all your custom fields will be on the Deal/ Person including that hidden "Form Type" that tells you which form the lead came from.

    Additionally, if you have any of these forms on a CMS (where the same form can exist on multiple pages) you can use a widget in Jotform to get the page URL to accomplish the same thing per your requirements.

    I attached a screenshot of what option 2 should look like

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