7 Digital HR Trends for 2021

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Human Resource (HR) software is helping the business and organization's HR department by programming the manual tasks and organized data-driven reports. All these works are performed electronically and eliminate the requirement of paper documents. 

HR software can serve all employees and managers within the business/organization, help them with the tasks such as time-tracking and manage performance. It performs many other tasks as well depending on the different type of software you have opted for Human Resource Software.                                 

Here I declare 7 latest trends of 2021

1. What is digital HR anyway?

There is a lot’s of interest in the topic of digital Human Resources. In 2020, I had the pleasure of speaking at multiple conferences that bore this title. However, when I asked the participants to define a digital Human Resource system, it proved hard to find a definition that everyone agreed on.

2. HR technology as a strategic tool

The second trend is that HR technologies are increasing will be seen as a means to an end. Having the latest and best technology should never be a goal in itself. An example is a chatbot. For a long time, it has been hip to have a chatbot in HRMS. However, the effect of chatbots is doubtful until now the very strongest use cases are HR system self-service. 

Indeed, when the focus is not on the tool but the business/organization outcome, we will make different decisions when it comes to which tools to use – and which tools not to use. 

3. Integration of digital HR and analytics

The Ulrich models show that the digital Human Resource system’s maturities will lead to more information sharing analytics. This is in line with the previous digital HR system trends. The trend here is that HRs will learn to identify what information is needed and then adapt their systems in a way that enables the structural collection of this informations.

In this case, may be advisable to redesign the whole software to capture this crucial data and informations. However, this issue was discovered before the HR system was implemented. 

4. Continuous listening

According to Bernard Marr, over the past 2 years, 80% of the data in the world has been generated. This statistic will likely hold when we move forwards and the increasing amount of devices capture an increasing amount of the data. The next HR trend is therefore continuous listening.

5. Digital Transformation is the status quo

The fifth and best trend is that digital transformation will be the status quo for innovative businesses/organizations. Change is a continuous process and development of increased digital capabilities.

6. Digital skills will become more relevant

This is something we can see in our conversations with customers as well. I speak with an HR system not too long ago that had a staff of 440 people. Roughly twenty of them had technical skills. He needed to quadruple this in the next three years. This is an inescapable reality. 

7. Learning about digital Human Resources will only increase

The seventh step is in line with the previous digital HRs trends and number 6 in the particular, we are seeing an increase in demand for digital skills. HR software professionals too will need to stay on top of their digital games. This focuses on the question of what a digital HR system is, how to get the value from it and how to leverage it to create a more and more connected workforce.



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