NZ Pipedrive users: SMS question

Jess Little
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Hi wondering if anyone based here in NZ is using an SMS tool you could recommend for 2-way-synced campaigns from Pipedrive?



  • Amit Sarda (
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    JustCall should work.

  • Jess Little
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    JustCall should work.

    Thanks Amit, I'll check it out.

  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    We use Clicksend from PD via Zapier.  .. I think they are an AU/NZ company ... not 100% on that.  .. but been using for years. 

    We haven't been using for inbound routing through to PD .. just reply .. but when initially setting up years ago we could easily.  Extensive platform and even have a mobile app which is useful if out and about and want to use a templated a response.  .. campaigns and opt-outs available functions. 

  • Keith Gereghty
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    I am using FunnelFLARE. It integrates directly into Pipedrive via a Chrome extension. FunnelFLARE actually uses Pipedrive for their company so maybe a little better integration than most. Not sure have not used any others. A little work to get it done (1 man shop here) but if you have an IT guy or department then no issues. Their customer service for helping me get the specs tweaked to my particular business have been very good, IMO. 

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