IMPORTING is terrible!

John Procacci
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I have to say, I'm evaluating PIPEDRIVE for use in our company, and the IMPORT feature is a disaster.  It's so bad that I'm considering an alternate CRM.   Just sharing some insight into my evaluation.

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Is there something specific that happened? Maybe we can help you resolve

  • Eedwards
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    We had a similar problem. In Firmao, which we now use, this is possible without any problems.

  • Felix Brumme
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    Small Crachkurs:

    - If you import data without a SystemID, then this data will be newly created. 

    - When you create new data in the system, you should make sure that different elements (e.g. at the contact persons) have different names. If you have a placeholder for the contact persons, then it makes sense to insert the name of the organization there. So instead of "unknown contact" use "unknown contact OrganizationXYZ". This way separate contacts will be created separately. Otherwise only one contact will be created, which is also useful/necessary in some cases.  

    - If you import data with SystemID, it will be added to the corresponding element. It is necessary to specify the ID of each element used (deal, organization, person).

    - If you import empty fields, the data in these fields will be deleted. 

    If you keep these few points in mind, then importing will not cause any problems. 

    There are a few things that Pipedrive should urgently improve (I'll just say: make fields hideable depending on the pipeline), but the import function doesn't belong on this list.