Looking for forecasting tool connected to pipedrive

Martin Pecha_2338
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Hi there!

I am researching financial tool with good interaction with Pipedrive. I have built it from scratch, but it needs some facelift and at the end, it would be better to outsource it. 

I will clarify what are our issues:

  • we have SaaS model
  • we cannot use deal values or products as it differs, there are upsells etc.

What I need

  • we store all info about subscription, invoicing details etc in custom fields within related organisation
  • take custom field in pipedrive organisation and based on that perform forecasting and monitor monthly recurring revenue
  • Be able to track upsells

What are my inputs

  • start of contract (to track revenue)
  • end of contract
  • invoice date (to track cashflow)
  • frequency of invoicing
  • monthly amount that are paying


Any recommendations?