3 Tips to set up your Pipedrive account before setting it up!

Marta El Bay (Pipedrive)
edited July 2022 in Business Talk #1

As an Account Executive, there was one question I got asked on a daily basis by lots of different customers: How can I efficiently set up and use Pipedrive?

When investing in new tools, the need of finding « the perfect one » is quite understandable. Only considering CRM tools, you navigate in an ocean of choices and, if you did not have experience with CRMs in the past, the quest might be even harder.

Today I would like to give you a few tips that might help you get through this first, critical phase with Pipedrive.


  1. Take a moment to think about your business 🧠

Sure, who knows the company better than you? You might have been working in the same company for years and now you know all its teams, operations, and needs. But do you really know its inner structure, all the components, all the details forming the overall processes? Setting up a CRM forces you to give a structure to what you have been doing for years. Have you ever thought of your sales process in stages? Did you fill in a list of relevant information the team has to provide? Do you have an established cadence and a coherent set of activities? Try to carefully scan your business’ structure before jumping to Pipedrive.


        2.« No Pipeline, No Sales! » 🙅‍♀️


The pipeline is the center of your whole activity and has to be set up in the clearest way for you and your team. The pipeline will give you an overview of the status of your activity and the performance of your sales reps. Create multiple pipelines for different processes or different teams (you don’t want Sales and Marketing fighting over the same pipeline, do you?), carefully think of all the stages that make sense for each activity, and allow yourself the luxury of automation to automatically schedule those repetitive tasks and fully focus on selling! Being a Master of the Pipeline will make you the Lord of Sales.


      3. Consider Pipedrive your new (virtual) space 🏠

When you move to a new apartment or new office, the first thing you do is decorate the space and add your personal objects to feel at ease in the new setup. Creating your space is owning it, and owning your space means you finally feel at ease. In the same way, you need to think about how to « decorate » your Pipedrive account to make it your own (and your team’s). Custom fields, labels, activity types, lost reasons, filters: go through all these elements, one by one, and try to add your personal touch. You will start feeling the CRM as yours only when you recognize your inputs.


Most importantly: don’t rush it. Take your time to go through these initial phases and to really think before doing. Even if you are tempted to immediately import your list of contacts, hold on and go first through our Knowledge Base and Academy to feel more and more confident and, if you are struggling, you can have the help of our incredible Support team. Everything will look easier with a little help from your Pipedrive friends 😉