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Philipp Kemp
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Hi there,

we would love to have a function of a "check box" for tasks, when a deal is moved to another phase. So we can set tasks that will have to be done before moving the deal in a specific phase.


For example:

Deal 1 -> moved from phase "sales call" to "quote"

Then a check box will appear where I have to confirm tasks like:

  • Quote send
  • Amount of Deal updated


Deal 1 -> moved from phase "quote" to "won"

Check box for tasks will appear:

  • Invoice created
  • Forwarded to Fullfillment process
  • e.g.
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  • Edie Mew
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    Have you thought about using Automation to cater to this? You can set up activities to appear once the Deal has changed stages: 

    Deal 1 -> moved from phase "sales call" to "quote"

    Automation Triggered by Deal Stage Change - Activities Set are: 

    • Send Quote
    • Update Deal Value 

    For your second example: do you have a stage in your Pipeline called Won? If so, you may not need this as once you Win a Deal the stage in which it was marked as Won, will be captured for reporting purposes. 

    Once the Deal is Won, the Deal could move to another stage for the Fullfillment Process or a separate Pipeline if there are more defined stages. 

  • Renat Gabitov
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    Could be easily solved with tags  (if multiple are supported) :)