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Lukáš Hála
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We would like to export deals table including also product names associated to deals. There is only product amount and value.


Thank you


Lukas Hala

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  • Mike Rogers
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    I am fully surprised this is not available.  So we can track products, but we can't view those products in list view nor do they export as part of the deal??????  Only value and quantity - which without the name of the product is pretty meaningless, right?

  • Luke H
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    100% agree. I'm new to PipeDrive and came across this. Unfortunately I see it's been this way for a while. It doesn't make any sense. How do I do any sort of analytics based on the product type? I'm surprised I don't find more people asking about this.

  • Ana
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    This is absolutely crucial feature, how can planning work without possibility of products export? Please please make this available!