Leads Inbox - Separating fields for Leads and Deals

Carley Nolan
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We're currently evaluating Leads Inbox to determine if we want to incorporate it into our processes for handling MQLs. I've run into a few issues right off the bat - one being that all of our fields for Deals show up in the Lead. The data fields we've implemented for Deals are unique to our Deals and don't apply at all to Leads. However, if we remove these fields from Lead details, it'll also delete them from all of our Deals. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? If not, I think it would be a good idea for Pipedrive to break apart the data fields for Leads and Deals so there's a bit more flexibility for this. 



  • Tim Claus
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    Hi Carley, 

    I have the same question - plus some more on leads. 

    Did you solve this problem for you and are you willing to share it?

  • Jake Kushner
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    Would love to see separate datafields for Leads vs. Deals. With a bunch of custom fields set up on Deals, it's very distracting to see all of those on the Lead details sidebar when most of them don't apply.