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Hi @Manuel Oliveira 

Today i’ve noticed that Pipedrive added new Person Default Fields… (ofcourse after a dozen phone calls from my sales reps asking "why did you do that?" - had to do some explaining there that it wasn't me ;-) )

I know that adding those (and aspecialy as Default) had some deeper meaning, but it would be great to actually have some control on what is useful from a specific business perspective.

I just can't see the value of this change.

In our specific situation not only we will not use all of the new fields that were introduced but also i can't get rid of them.

Can we just have a on/off toggle there please :)


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    Are these fields like Birthday, Postal Address or Instant Messenger by any chance?

    In this case they were created by the contact sync. One of your colleagues triggered the creation himself :-)  Have a look here. And vote for it if you agree ;)