Problem with email sync creating duplicates and incorrect contact records

Steve Smithson
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I have been trying for over 2 weeks to get an answer from Pipedrive about the way it creates duplicates and other aspects of contact sync.  I have spent hours culling and deleting duplicates and incorrect contacts created from variations of email addresses.  BobSmith@...  when it should be RobertSmith@.  Other variation of that problem.   Yesterday I was checking data and found that Pipedrive was restoring records that I had deleted.  5-6 hours after i deleted Pipedrive restored the contacts.  They have told me that there is a problem with a 3rd party app which they use to interface with Google.  But I can't get any further info.  Has anyone learned anything about contact sync or duplicate record creation that can help me.   This restoration of contacts doesn't seem likely to be linked to their Google problem.