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Zeeshan Sabqi
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I would like to suggest a feature that will make LeadBooster Live Chat feature even more desirable for all Pipedrive users.


Geographic Location: Being able to see Geographic location of the users in the Live Chat will assist with processes, region specific pricing, and customer closing tactics etc.

Source: Inform Live Chat Agents in a tab through which website the customer is engaging from and viewing which page.

Chat History: If a customer contacts multiple time, a button to see customers chat history to better cater clients needs.

Let me know if anything else needs to be added?


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    I have a question?  Can I move my entire Pipedrive into an excel spreadsheet?

  • Francine Soto
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    Great features - I agree.  Can we also add setting online/offline hours for live chat so an admin doesn't have to give admin permissions to the individual managing LeadBooster Live Chat?