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Best native integration for email marketing

Markree Posts: 6
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edited July 2022 in Apps and Integrations #1

We have a set of automatic emails set up how do we stop the automatic emails once a response has been received to one of the emails . We work off one pipeline at the moment but would like to move emails that have been responded to to another pipeline for more attention and allow the non responsive email to continue its course until all emails have been sent .


Any advice or recommendations welcome 



  • Andrus Purde
    Andrus Purde Posts: 109
    Third Anniversary 100 Comments 5 Likes Name Dropper
    edited August 2021 #2

    Have you checked out the email marketing integrations on the Marketplace already? I'd think most email tools allow stopping a sequence upon reply, but haven't tested them all.

    One tool that certainly does this is Outfunnel (I am co-founder). You could:

    •  stop a sequence upon reply
    • See all email sends, opens and clicks in Pipedrive as custom Activities, so you could build a call list
    • use our Lead Scoring feature to keep track of people who have been particularly engaged or disengaged across multiple emails and/or campaigns
  • Boris Tsibelman
    Boris Tsibelman Posts: 946
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    edited August 2021 #3

    +1 For Outfunnel.


    Great Pipedrive Integration and a great value!