Facturation / Product use for SaaS Startups

Louise Boss
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How do you manage billing within Pipedrive for SaaS companies? 

And how do you set up the "product" tab? 


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  • Jessica Wade
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    In general, SaaS companies often use subscription management software like SubscriptionFlow to handle billing for their products or services.

    To manage billing within Pipedrive, you would likely need to integrate with a subscription management software that can handle recurring billing, payment processing, and customer management. This would allow you to set up subscription plans and automate the billing process.

    As for setting up the "product" tab, this would depend on the specific features and capabilities of the subscription management software being used. Generally, you would want to include information about your products or services, such as pricing, features, and any relevant documentation. You may also be able to set up different pricing tiers or subscription plans within the product tab.