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Piet-Hein Smit
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@Mike van der Valk could you please get back to me on the following.
As you can see in the image below i have made a filter field names Oude Klant.
Hereby i can filter to see witch costumers belonged to my collegae and are now linked to my name. 

I can't find the option in PipeDrive to see the turnover that belonged to this list of filtered company's.  
I would like to use the several fields to see the turnover (over different years) to see the growth of the company's that are linked to the field 'status klant'' for example. 

For me this is a number 1 ''must have'' if you are a teamlead that would like to see the performances of your team members and their costumers. 

Hope some of the community members or @Mike van der Valk can get back to me on this topic. 


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    Hi @Piet-Hein Smit 

    Unfortunately in our Insights reporting feature you can (yet) use contact based custom fields to sort out your reports. This is something we hope to add there in the future though.

    For now probably the best option is to go to the deal list view in Pipedrive. Here you can apply a filter with also contact conditions like the specific type of customer you are talking about. You will then get all the deals back with those types of customers and can apply more filter conditions like the status needs to be won, and the won time in a specific date period for example.

    Then you can export the list to a spreadsheet and run a quick sum there. Not ideal unfortunately and it's a workaround that we hope to address natively in the product in the future by being able to create reports based on contact fields.

    Hope it helps!