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Alexandre Brianceau
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Hi there,

We are very happy with Pipedrive, but our mail and contact directory is not Google. We use Fastmail, with services based on CalDAV and CarDAV protocols.

Does CalDAV and CarDAV procotol support is in the roadmap? Or do I need to continue to use external tools such as Harmonizely for scheduling meetings with my customers?

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  • Irina Iglesias
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    Hello Alexandre, 

    CalDav & CardDav both work as remote servers and typically work with custom providers, which we don’t support.

    Currently, this is not on our roadmap but I would like to thank you for writing here and  I will make sure to pass this feedback to our team. Perhaps, this is something that can be improved in the future. 


    Thank you. 

  • Hi Alexandre and Irina,

    We have exactly the same request as you. We don't use tools like Google and Microsoft (and don't trust them with all of our data).

    The CalDAV protocol is the factory standard to allow tools to integrate with the calendar software. We're using it with success on a number of different applications.

    Looking forward to CalDAV support to really allow your users to use the tools of their choosing and not focus on bigtech only.


  • I'd like to upvote this as well. We are evaluating Pipedrive right now and unfortunately we also cannot sync our calendars. To echo what has already been said, CalDAV is the industry standard for calendar sync and it applies to others besides FastMail. It would be great to have this.

  • If you support CalDAV you would also support all the "others" like Google and M$. Please add CalDAV support.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, this is not in the plans for the very near future. Though I'm happy to convert your question into a feedback post so it is visible by our developers. Be sure to upvote it if you agree, the most popular requests are more likely to become real features :)

  • @Manuel Oliveira Why? Could you name one good reason not to implement this and make Pipedrive a more versatile and open product?

  • Upvoted. Put simply, PipeDrive calendar is essentially useless without this. I wall never be able to use your scheduling features without manually entering time blocks. I still can't understand why this isn't a feature; it's basically table stakes in any scheduling product.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @lemone3, it is not up to me to say I'm afraid. You make a good point which I'm bringing to our product teams, though there are many factors that go into a decision of which requests go on to become a feature. I will look into getting a team member to chime in and share more info on this if possible.

  • @ianthetechie I couldn't agree more.