Contacts and Organizations with a "not assigned" user.

When we migrated to Pipedrive, I became the owner of all contacts. My colleagues picked up their contacts and thousands stayed with me.

It is not manageable for me to have it this way. I have tried to filter in different ways but have come to the conclusion that the best solution would be a user "not assigned".

We are not interested in buying another license for this feature and there should be other users with the same issue that I have?

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  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    These always stay with the Admin in my case.

  • Bert Calatz
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    Hi @Martin Sandén 

    I understand your wish but may I ask why it is not manageable now?

  • Martin Sandén
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    Hi @Martin Sandén 

    I understand your wish but may I ask why it is not manageable now?

    The way I have tried to solve this, is by creating custom fields with users.

    But then it is not so smooth to have this on persons and companies, and on top of all an owner. 

    To keep Pipedrive ui clean, fast, avoid confusing and extra filters this would be a possible feature?

    Or is there a better way, I would be happy? :-)

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Martin Sandén  and thank you for illustrating your use case so clearly. 

    So far, Pipedrive has been designed so that no items are in "no man's land" (i.e. don't have an owner). My immediate solution for this would be to add one more user to whom these items would be assigned while they're not assigned to a "real" user, but I see that's not something you're interested in at this moment.

    I would add one more step to the workaround you've created: in your list views create filters that include the condition "[custom field] > is > [name of user tagged in custom field]" and star them using the "⭐" icon right next to it, so they will show up in the "Favorites" section of your filters drop-down menu. This will save you time and help prevent human error.

    Thank you for your suggestion, we've made sure it reaches the respective team!