Do you know what a Pipedrive CSM does?

Karoliine Piile
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Hi Pipedriver

Have you ever wondered who are those magical creatures called Customer Success Managers? What do they do? And how can you catch one for yourself?

A Customer Success Manager is a person who is dedicated to helping you have a successful journey with Pipedrive. Here are some main things that they focus on:

Helps you with onboarding and training. Helps you to overcome obstacles and find solutions that fit your specific needs. Sharing best practices of how to use Pipedrive. For instance, preventing having "won" and "lost" stages in Pipedrive, since that can be done more optimally.

Being the voice of the customer, the voice of you. Advocating and mediating between you and Pipedrive. Taking part in product design and development under the angle of your needs and expectations.

Proactively contributes to the success of your business. Develops a healthy customer relationship, builds trust and transparency with you. Ensures you staying on top of not only launched but also yet to be rolled-out features and functionalities resulting into constant product value growth for your business. Encouraging you to upgrade your products to achieve better business goals. Identifying weak and potentially problematic spots/loopholes in accounts’ set-up and notify you about that. 


If you are still not one of the lucky ones to have a Customer Success Manager of your own, then make sure to reach out to support on how to upgrade your plan to catch that magical creature for yourself. 

Enjoy the rest of your day 🔆