Merging leads & archiving leads

Adéla Kalkantová
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Loving that the Leads Inbox got a revamp recently. I'm wondering if there're any plans for the ability to Merge Leads & to have Lost Reasons (or Archive reasons) for leads? 


I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain why I'm asking - it's pretty annoying that we cannot merge leads, but have to convert the leads to merge the deals at the end (e.g. when one prospect makes several requests on our website). Merging lead would help! 


And same for Archive Reasons - for tracking & reporting purposes! 


Thanks in advance :) 

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  • Greg Russak
    Greg Russak Member Posts: 3
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    I second your request, Adela. A way to merge Leads would be very, very helpful!

  • JD Cleary
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    +1 for merging leads and archive reasons

  • Ørjan Josefsen
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    I agree, we have all our manually sourced leads in deals for those precise reasons!!

  • Ameera
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    I agree. We should add a text box for documenting reasons for lost leads and have the ability to merge duplicate leads.