Export list of the type of activities you have oustanding/ upcoming?

Brittany Light
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Would be excellent if there a way to export a list of my current deals with the type of next activity? (email, call, task etc)

You can export of a list with the next activity date but not the next activity type. 

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  • Anna_Gogol
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    You basically can export the list of activities with the help of third-party tool.

    For example, Coupler.io - it is a no-code data extraction tool that can pull out the data from Pipedrive to Excel, Google Sheets and BigQuery automatically on desired schedule.

    With Coupler you can export all Activities data, including finished or scheduled activities, their types, and participants. Apart from Activities , you can export Deals, Persons, Organizations, Files, Leads, Call logs and Products.

    To learn more, please follow Pipedrive to Google sheets guide link.