lead or deal? asking for help organizing my data

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I have a service business. My clients get to me by various ways. Word of mouth, FB/IG posts, webinars, courses I teach and more. Sometimes the first communication is a phone call which ends after scheduling a meeting(which is actually a sale). Sometimes, it starts with a text message, only asking for advice on a specific issue, and when probed I find out the person asking was not even interested in a meeting at all.

I want to ask how I should organize my data. Right now, each new contact is immediatley added as a person and a DEAL is opened for him. If the first correspondence makes me understand there wont be a sell here I close the deal. If I understand there might be a sale but not yet, I schedule a follow up. 

Should I be doing it differently? Should I be adding leads instead of deals? if so- when should those leads turn into deals?


  • @Dan Cohen - I don't see anything wrong with your setup. This setup should work. What you can do is recalibrate your KPIs according to the stage of the pipeline. For instance, instead of saying 50% of deals should move from the first stage to the second stage, you can recalibrate to say that this number should be 30%.

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    Hi Dan,

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    Am now using lead section for unqualified and new leads. 

    If they wish to progress further in our pipeline they get added to the pipeline for that service by converting to a deal. I think this is a better solution, especially if there are lots of different lead sources