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When Goals launched, it was quite a good upgrade and it worked (for the most part) fine.

However, last week, Pipedrive decided to make an upgrade which basically ruins the "Forecast Goal" view.

After the upgrade, it shows the "Won Deals" above the "Open Deals", with the forecast line staying the same.
Because of that, it is now impossible to see if we're under-target or over-target.

Here's an example below:


The green part is the won deals. The blue part represents the open deals. The black line is the target. 
In order to see if that person hit his/her target, we would need to green part under the blue part. That way, we could see if that person already hit his/her goal, and his/her forecast (in blue). 

The Green part HAS TO BE under the blue part, otherwise, this chart is basically useless.

I don't know which PM made that change, but obviously, that person does not know much about reporting, tracking goals and how to visualize metrics properly. 

I really hope that Pipedrive will make the modification back to how it used to be, with the won deals under the open deals. Without that, how do we use "Goals"? Oh well, I guess we can't.... 

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