Support || What is work-around for missing filed on Contact Sync ?

Harry Huân Trần
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Hi Pipedrive CSO,

First, i want to say that i pretty impressive with the practical design of pipedrive. I try both Cloze and PipeDrive and PipeDrive have much better UX. However i encounter the crucial flaw on Contact Sync (that i think not hard to fix in term of programming).  Please guide me work -around or very near solution on roadmap for this problem if you have:

  • I need to sync with Google Contact some basic fields that already supported by Google Contact: prefix, suffix, first name, last name, phonetic name, nickname
  • One of the worst thing is if i edit any information of contact on PipeDrive, the contact syncing will destroy all others filed not on PipeDrive (for example: prefix, suffix, phonetic name).

Thanks for your suggestion. I really dont want to change to Cloze.

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