Translation Mistake in Trial Period Alert

Ted Youn
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I'm reporting a Korean translation mistake in trial period alert.

In English version, I don'see any problem.



In Korean version, however, we have two issues:

  1. According to the Korean date and time notation, Koreans expect to suffix a day with a unit '일'. But this translation puts a digit 0 in front of this suffix—When you have 14 days left, the Korean page says '14 0일' is left. It may give a mistaken impression that you have 140 days left instead of 14 days.
  2. The overall translation doesn't make sense. The correct translation will be " 귀하의 프로페셔널 평가판 기간이 14일 남았습니다."

Hope it helps.



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    Hello Ted! 

    Thank you for notifying us! I will share this with our Translation team and they can double-check this.