E-mail sync, how to work around the lack of folders within pipedrive

Lars Lundqvist
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I'm a quite new user of pd, and just figured out that there is no possibility to organize my pd inbox with different folders. My question to this forum is how do you more experienced users work around that issue? I'd prefer to only work in one inbox instead of keeping both pd and my outlook organized.




  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can keep the folders in outlook and use that to organize your emails as needed.


    PD is there for you to be able to read & respond to your email.

  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey Lars,

    Pipedrive's email inbox is definitely not a replacement for your email client. I find the biggest value with is connecting emails do a deal. It's not really an ideal solution for managing your inbox. I would focus on Outlook for that and ignore the inbox in Pipedrive. Hope that helps!