Does The ChatBot Really Throw Away Conversations?

David Juilfs
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My company has just recently found out that even if someone enters their name and phone number into the chat bot and you ask anymore questions after that you will lose the lead and all of that information if they decide to leave the chat. No notification will be sent and you will have no idea anyone has ever given you information.  Does anyone know how to get conversations sent to you even if the lead doesn't complete the chat? 


  • Kreete K
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    Hi David! 

    Indeed this is a question of Leads getting qualified or not - Pipedrive will keep the data for qualified leads. Maybe, in this case, you can check the created playbook for the chatbot to understand if there is an earlier step where you could qualify Leads and save to your Pipedrive account? You can also reach out to our Support to see the specific account and playbook and gather some more ideas on that. 

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    Hi David, 

    If Chat-Bot set up is well structured, you may see the actual benefit into it. Cheers, Hoss.

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