Feature Request: Manual adjust "time in stage"

Lucas Lastman
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Occasionally when adding new (or older) deals, changing deal stages or moving stages between pipelines (and deleting old pipeline), time in stage is either not represented accurately, or can be missing completely. This of course affects accuracy of data and reporting.

I think its important to be able to adjust the "time in stage " or specifically, set the dates a deal moved between certain stages, so would like to request a date field be added. For example, in the image below, time in stage has been erased in the first 4 stages. It should be possible to be able to add back in the dates corresponding to stage changes for the new pipeline.


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  • Vignesh Mallya_33587
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    Our business use case is when we re-open a deal - that essentially should re-set the entire stage ages to 0 and start few. The work around we are currently using is creating duplicate deals - so that we can re-set the deal stage time. But this rapidly increases the duplicate data in the system. 

    Is there a way we can control the stage ages in Pipedrive? As in, can there be a option to ensure stage age re-sets when we re-open the deal?

  • jlr
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    Hi Pipedrive team, is this a feature that is already available? If not I'd 100x vote this if possible

  • Tobias Linden
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    really need this feature for more accurate reporting!

  • Nomas Prime
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    Quite often deals are updated after the fact, so this needs fixing ASAP. Otherwise reports are misleading at best.

  • Viktor Selchow
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    At Petleo GmbH we also require the ability to manually adjust the "time in stage". We are happy with Pipedrive customers however, this lacking product functionality is causing us to manually track the "time in stage" using an excel sheet. This challenge has caused us to look for alternative CRM systems to Pipedrive.

  • ANHA
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    We have lots of historical data about when our deal entered the different stages. It would be great to import this into Pipedrive, so we do not lose all of our information about how long the deals were in each stage. There needs to be a way to access this data and make manual changes for administrators.

  • Martin MIllican
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    This is to add my name to the list of those requesting that ability to either adjust the number of days a deal is in a stage of select a date when setting a new stage (today or past date). I want the stage durations to reflect reality rather then when the stage was clicked.