Pipedrive goals on the basis of e.g. tags

Laura da Cruz
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If I want to define goals via Pipedrive Insights, I can currently only do this on the basis of the people. 

Is it possible to link the goals with, for example, the tags of the deals?

In concrete terms, we are dealing with product groups, some of them are processed crosswise by several people. The tags should be used here to distinguish between the product groups.

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  • Alejandro Merlo
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    hi Laura, i defined goals for the metrics my plan allowed me to do it. Not by tag for instance...but on what I could, it works great....


  • Jean Kany
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    Hi Laura,

    I don't think this is possible right now. 

    Goals is a function that was added not so long ago and is pretty limited (although useful).

    Pipedrive seems to be working on it because they recently charged something that actually destroys the idea of visual goal tracking, so I'm assuming that this is still work in progress.