Looking for professional consultant to assist with setting up Insight and Dashboard from my company.



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    Hi @Wilson Edgar  This sounds like something we can assist you with, please feel free to reach out to us via our website. Our Sales Director, Bruce, can get in touch to discuss further what you need. https://weevolvebusiness.com/contact/

    Thank you


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    Dear @Wilson Edgar 

    I will be happy to connect you with Certified Freelancers at SoftwareSupp. Working directly with an experts minimalize required budget and gives you total transparency of project.

    A word about us:
     we are a Pipedrive partner experienced in working with brands to boost their PD and workflows. As an elite network of certified experts, we deliver top quality service and provide a platform with tracking project progress etc. 
    Every Certified Freelancer at SoftwareSupp went through detailed recruitement and certification precess.
    We are very transparent and responsive. We can start within 24h!
    Let me share some of our recent projects: Portfolio

    We have 69 Pipedrive Experts matching your requirements,ready to start.
    Please take a look at the example profiles below:

    Would you mind jumping on an introductory call to discuss how we can work together? Please book a meeting here https://calendly.com/softwaresupp/software-consultation
    You can start your project here: https://softwaresupp.com/l/newJob

    Kind Regards
    Pawel from SoftwareSupp

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