Do MERGE TAGS work now?

Markus Funk
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Just a quick question. Do Merge Tags work now? 


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  • Janis Rozenblats
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    @Markus Funk  you caught the update before we were able to announce it ;) The improvement was released Yesterday!
    YES. We've now added all Person custom fields / merge fields to be available in Campaigns drag and drop editor for email content personalization. 

    Let me know if you experience any issues! 

  • IndustryM
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    hi @Janis Rozenblats ,

    I would like to link to this problem again, as the tags are not working for me. Every test mail I send contains tags, like for example *|ORG_NAME|* or *|LAST_NAME|*, but it never gets printed. What can be the reason? In my contact which i'm using for the test a Company is linked and the last name field is also filled.



  • IndustryM
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    forget it, it works, my fault (test mails do not support merge tags)