Transferring calls from laptop to phone issue?

Hussam El Dissouqi
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I recently started using Pipedrive at my organization and so far seem to get used to it. One thing I enjoyed was calling clients from Pipedrive on my laptop and transferring it to my phone. It was working fine and then suddenly for the last week or so it stopped calling. The laptop version would mention redial and shows it's connected to my phone but nothing shows up on my phone?

 Please help.


  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Hussam,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to us.

    There's a small guide here for the web-to-mobile call feature that walks you through some common problems.

    If this doesn't help, would you kindly open a ticket with our lovely support team regarding this? It's hard to understand what might be the issue here and they can troubleshoot with you and even check the case with our engineers if needed.

    Our support is open 24/7, so feel free to reach us whenever you have time.

    Kind regards,