Insights Dashboard - Deal Value Condition Control

Jim Barclay
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I'm looking for a bit more condition control on Deal Value.  Am I able to do <= or values "between"??  This would be beneficial to have from a segmentation ability standpoint.  

Does this exist and I'm just not seeing it?  




  • Kreete K
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    Hi Jim! 

    Thank you for the feedback! At the moment indeed only more and less options are available. Will share the request with the Product team! 

  • David Spear
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    Hi Jim,

    Here is the work around that I have figured out.  First, in Insights they only let you pick one condition like value, however under deal line items you can have multiple conditions around value.  So you can string two together.  See picture.  This will give you the set of deals that you want to capture.  Then create a new data field called special sort or whatever name you want to give it (make it a yes / no answer or numeric).  Add a yes to that data field for all deals that were in your value sort.  Now when you are in Insight, add the condition that only brings up the deals with a "yes" for that data field.  A bit burdensome, but effective.  I had to do this for just a set of deals that I rank from 1 to 10 for most likely to close.  I just created a new data field called rank. and picked deals that are more than 0, and it pulls up my 10 deals.