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Markus Funk
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When you have a separate pipeline for WON deals (duplicated after won) e.g. for the projects that result out of the won deals I would love to END those after everythings has been completed. So I don't want to delete those deals but END them. Is there a way or a workaround? 


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  • Alex Stueber
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    Hi @Markus Funk, I see 2 ways of doing this: 

    1. you win the deal in pipeline A, and duplicate it in pipeline B. In this case, the won deal "disappear" from pipeline A and the new deal in pipeline B has an open status so you can win it again at the end of the pipeline. That would be your way of ending it. 
    2. you win the deal in pipeline A and move it to pipeline B (you can use automation there). in this case, it's still the same deal with the original info but it's already won, so you won't be able to win it at the end of the pipeline. 
      What you could do is create pipeline C with only one stage where you'll store all the won deals. Once the deal has reached the last stage of pipeline B, it goes to pipeline C and stays there. 

    If you need more help, implementing these processes let me know :)