Deals and Pipeline set up for Saas Subscription products

Margaux Fiche
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Our SaaS product is sold on a Marketplace, each trial and sold licenses is converted into a deal in Pipedrive.

I'm looking for advice on how to handle the deal once it is lost (ie: the trial is not converted into a sale, a subscription is not renewed...). Do you leave the deal in the Pipeline? Did you add a special lane?  

I talked with Pipedrive customer service and they confirmed that the deal expiring cannot trigger any automation to move the deal. Has anyone else the same issue?


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  • Alex Stueber
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    Hey @Margaux Fiche , my first question would be: what do you want to do with these deals? 
    1. Do you want to lose them?

    2. Do you want to lose them and send them to another pipeline?

    3. Do you want to keep them open and send them to another pipeline?


    Regardless you have 2 options to create a workflow automation (WA) based on the expected close date: 

    1. Create a filter based on expected close dates and use Zapier to check your filters. Once the deal enters the filter, Zapier will update the deal (status, pipeline...). Zapier has a free plan.
    2. Using pipedrive WA to create an activity every time your deal is updated with expected close date. activity can be called "has deal expired?". When activity is marked as done and if the deal is not yet won, then deal status will change to lost.



    If you need more help, feel free to reach out. I am a Pipedrive partner :)