How to visually map relationships with Pipedrive (like Obsidian or Roam!)?

Patrick Pope
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Hey ... now then ... we rely a lot on referrals, and we'd love to be able to map out how all our clients have ended up with us, how they are all linked, who are the big referrers, whether they share characteristics etc.

So .. does anyone know of any 3rd-party app that could connect with Pipedrive to enable this to happen?  Below is an image from Obsidian (which won’t connect,) but which shows the simple graphical way in which it can map out links & backlinks.

Would LOVE to hear from anybody with any kind of view or tip ... I'm not a techy so their might be a really simple solution to this ... thanks!



  • Inés Líndez
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    Hi Patrick! We don't have anything like this at the moment but this is great #feedback. We'll make sure our team receives it.  

  • Paolo_5232
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    Needed as well a relationship mapping tool. 

    I am using Pipedrive in B2B business and need to map relationship between:

    -  group (of companies) to picture corporate constellations. 

    -  individuals inside a company 

    It is graphically useful to understand clients' organisations. The aim is to evaluate the level of connection we have with a prospect / client:  we need to map and visually see how far or close we are to "decision makers" comparing current contact with the internal organisation we can map based on public information.

    We can prepare a sales approach plan based on that to improve our connection. 

    The people mapping need to have "tag" about 

    • company level (e.g. A, B, C - the famous "CxO" level for instance)
    • Decision maker "strength" (Strong, Mid, Low)

    Any thought?

  • Daniel Bittner
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    This would be an incredibly helpful tool. I'm looking for the same thing. Any updates on this, Pipedrive team?

  • Amit Sarda (
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    My friend Prabhjot Singh Lamba ([email protected]) has developed a tool to visualize connected nodes.

    Here's an example:

  • Bruce Bignell
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    @Paolo_5232 & @Daniel Bittner have you come across Vizrm yet?

    They're building a treating account mapping tool that is integrated natively with Pipedrive.

    Take a look here:

    You'll find my podcast and demo with the founder Markus Meier above 👆 ⬆️

    Hope this helps,


  • Patrick Pope
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    Hey thanks! I'm really looking forward to digging into the Vizrm offer. Thanks again Bruce, much appreciated.

  • Daniel Bittner
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    Thanks, Bruce! I'll check it out!

  • WeMapSales_4009
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    You can use WeMapSales. WeMapSales, a geospatial intelligence tool, combines four powerful data analytics applications, including geo-mapping, automated territory optimization, territory management, and analytics reporting capability, into one cloud-based solution.

    We offer a multi-weighted, multi-metrics, multi-constraints optimization system that allows sales managers to assign accounts to their sales reps, analyze reports, track sales activities, and create optimized sales territories to increase productivity and support better decision-making.

    Give our App a try for free. Visit our Marketplace page to access the App  

    Reach out at: [email protected] with feedback, comments or request for more information & demos! 

  • Patrick Pope
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    Thanks - but this is not the kind of 'mapping' we are after!