Fire a task to a deal owner when a previous task has been completed.

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I want to set an activity 'to-do' task for a deal owner once another task has been completed, but you can't seem to get 'deal owner' information to assign a task to the correct person. 

I can't seem to do this. I currently have to set both tasks at same time (can have different timescales). but task 2. is dependent on task 1. being completed.  This is just an issue as the next activity is set to a different person but it is always the deal owner for task 2. 

  1. a Task is set  at a certain deal stage for a member of staff who is not the deal owner (this is fine)
  2. Once task 1. is done, then generate new task for different person (to the deal owner)

You can only select a user from a drop down list or these three fields: 

  1. Activity assigned user
  2. Activity assigned user before
  3. Activity creator

It is linked to a deal, So why can't you assign a task to the deal owner? 



Is there a way to do this? What am I  missing?

 I just want a cleaner tasklist and for the tasks to fire at the right time and to the right person. 




  • Edie Mew
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    Hi Keith, this is a great piece of automation for activities, especially when its to help users complete tasks quicker without having to question what to do next. Have you applied this option? Please see image, 


    Once you've applied the above field, you then need to choose the step options when applying your action, please see image: 

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