Is your pipedrive working today?

Curtis Crawford
Curtis Crawford Posts: 14
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We are unable to log in and connect? 



  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Curtis,

    We are unfortunately having a technical issue with some of our servers. Our developers are already on it and working to bring it back up as soon as possible. We are really sorry for this inconvenience. 

    You can follow the updates here:

    Kind regards,

  • Marcelo Bitter_12968
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    Hi Curtis. In fact I was unable to login on yesterday during a couple of minutes. But it's ok now for me. 

  • Leslie Clarke
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    Its working had major issues the last few weeks with calendar sync in Gsuite and Google meet not able to book. Had a number of missed meetings issues. Seems to be working now and have my finger on the button to change to hubspot. At least you can talk to real people there.

  • Rita Gloss
    Rita Gloss Posts: 1
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    It wasn't very good yesterday but fine today

  • Kurt Letain
    Kurt Letain Posts: 1
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    It is working for us.

  • Sytze Terpstra
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    Yep, works fine.

  • Reuben
    Reuben Posts: 1
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    My app is working fine

  • Brian Van Baren
    Brian Van Baren Posts: 1
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    yes.  all good.

  • Shanna Raper
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    Our users all across the USA were down yesterday morning. When we reported the issue, the "live status page" said all systems were go.  There are numerous times our company experiences degraded services, but the status page is never updated to reflect there was an incident. It's good to see others posting here when there are problems.

  • Gert-Jan Reinders
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    it's working fine now. Am based in Europe. Had issues some weeks ago and was not able to login for 2 days. which frustrated me a lot because i was not able to access data. 

    Hmmm Cloud is not always the solution

  • Torbjørn Kjær Silset
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    There has been difficulties this this morning ! It is hard. 

  • Caroline Arsenault
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    Better today than yesterday, thanks!

  • Curtis Crawford
    Curtis Crawford Posts: 14
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    Thanks everyone for your responses and comments. I was not aware of such a "status page link" so I will bookmark for future reference.  Though if its not accurate not so sure how useful it will be.  :)

    I'm glad it wasn't just us seeing the problems yesterday. We are a small business and PipeDrive is critical for us. 

    Have a great week!!!

  • Francesca Stevens
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    Ours seems to be working but very slow. Over the last month we have had a lot of issues with access to pipedrive and the speed. 

  • Phillip A. Pylant
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    cannot access

  • Jeff Farrick
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    If the status link page shows everything as "Online", check to see if anything is creating a lot of activity within your account. I find my PipeDrive is slower when I'm importing 1,000 contacts,  bulk editing, etc.

  • Bryan Wallace
    Bryan Wallace Posts: 3
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    Working fine here.

  • Bob Kachelries
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    had problems but seem to be okay .. still there are bugs right now not running smoothly emails not going out little things. 

  • Nadia Dookhie
    Nadia Dookhie Posts: 6
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    Seems to be okay except some of the staff emails( pictures) from yesterday were not sent.

    edited September 2021 #21

    Can log in but not add in deals, etc.  Nothing happens when I click

  • Peter Spencer
    Peter Spencer Posts: 1
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    working for me

  • Gwendolyn Roe
    Gwendolyn Roe Posts: 1
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    It's working  ok....I haven't ha any problems.

  • Gunnar Jung
    Gunnar Jung Posts: 1
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    it is damn slow since 3-4 days

  • Anthony Fleury_45051
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    annoyingly slow since the update!

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith Posts: 1
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    yes. Having to login everyday

  • Danielle L. Smith-Christian
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    Yes, it is.


  • Jean Kany
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    It's working for me here.

  • JC Salguero
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    All good.

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Yes, No issues on my end ...