HELP - managing one company in more countries?!

Pernille Dybdahl Lauridsen
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Hi all! 😊

Does any of you have experience in managing one company in different countries in pipedrive?

If so, is it possible to keep everthing under one pipedrive "company" or is it better to have one "company" in pipedrive for each country? I see pros and cons for both?

My case right now: I have the a Danish company and wold like to add our new Spanish depart (which have another email connected to the company - Β ".es" instead of Β ".dk"...


  • Being able to use the same data fields, products, templates, etc.
  • Not having to "set up" everything again for the newly added country.


  • Handling leds (making sure they're distributed into the right pipeline - one for each country)
  • Email - only one email can be connected to the pipedrive
    • Is it possible to just redirect emails from several email accounts?
    • + the sender email will be shown to the customers (must be an international ".com" email then?

If anyone have any experience, tips or ideas - I'd be extremely happy to know! πŸ™ŒπŸ»