Prospector and GDPR

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Hi here,

I'd like to know how Prospector can be compliant with GDPR and with European regulation regarding personal data protection.

I've just discovered Prospector. It seems rather powerful to discover all the information about a person who did not provide me any of its personal data...

There are several articles claiming Pipedrive is 100% GDPR compliant. Good thing.

Though, Id' like to know how a person can opt-out from this database? From my understanding, anyone can claim not to be recorded any longer. If I send a message to the person, this person can out-out. I can record the opt-out in my Pipedrive contact list. But I should also make sure the person is opt-out of my source, the Pipedrive Prospector database. How can I do this?

Thank you for your help or clarification of possible misunderstandings.

-- Laurent



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