Email Solution other than the default Pipedrive system

Tom Stapleton
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Hey Guys!

Does anyone have a better solution for the automation emails when moving a customer between stages.

The Pipedrive email system seems dated and basic, but I have tried others and can't seem to find an automation email that's does the job. I keep having to include an unsubscribe button, even though the email is specifically for the customer.

Any suggestions?


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Check out Outfunnel

  • Keith Greywood
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    Check out Outfunnel

    Yeah, you can use outfunnel or even that and mailchimp (based on filters). 

    I find pipedrive OK for templating emails the team member would send themselves.

    Edit: I should also add - all automated emails should always have an unsubscribe. So many marketers just seem to spam me with automation without any interest being shown (or knowledge of their product)