Save inbound email attachments as a file within deal

Bradley Spurr
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Please add an option to save email attachments directly to the deal's "Files" section.

Very often, I receive email attachments that are key documents to be referenced regularly. 

Currently, I have to: 1) keep them in email and search for the email every time; or 2) save the file to my desktop and work with it offline; or 3) download to my desktop and them take a second step of re-uploading it to the file section within the deal.

It would be much easier to have a option to save individual attachments directly to the deal.

Thank you.

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  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hey Bradley!

    Thank you so much for you feedback, we really appreciate it.

    I totally understand how this would be a very useful feature. Your feedback has been sent to our product team through an internal channel so I can ensure you that your feedback is valued and taken into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve! 

    In the meanwhile, I would like to point out two things that might help: the first is that if the email is linked to the deal, the attachment should appear in the deal detail view, under the email. Another thing you can do is search on the search bar for the attachment name. It should show you the deal and person it is linked to and open the file when you click on it:

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

  • Zach Garrison
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    Has this been emplemented yet?! I need the same thing. It makes sense...

  • Ish
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    Would really like this function!