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Aarti Waghela
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I would like to link an email to 2 different deals. Is this is the making @pipedrive? Would anyone else find this useful? 



  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hey Aarti,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us with your feedback, it's really appreciated.

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Could you give us more information about why this would be useful to you, so we can pass it to our product team?

    Thank you!


  • Illyés Péter
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    We need it too!!! And we need it a lot!!

    example: we have very long deal lifetimes (complex consultative selling of high-value technologies). By some deals we have 100+ e-mails, by some customers with certain contacts we also have 100+ emails. 

    Automatic linking in the Pipedrive inbox works like this: 

    • in most cases, Pipedrive does not offer/pair the e-mail with any deal
    • in many cases Pipedrive pairs the e-mail with a wrong deal
    • Now I have found one customer where I should add 40+ incoming e-mails to the relevant deals and change pairing also by 20+ (and this is only one customer).
    • Therefore, I can not underline enough how important this would be. Pairing e-mails one by one manually is an extremely time-consuming and a hateful job. Employees reject to adjust their habits to such a cumbersome way of working, so they simply stop pairing their e-mails. It makes Pipedrive correspondences an unreliable source.