Auto send email with attachment when new lead with unique identifier is added

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I am building a Qualify and Route leads chatbot. One of the options is for prospects to receive a report. Is it possible to have a workflow that automatically sends the report as an attachment to leads with a unique identifier, when the lead is loaded in the leads inbox? I'm struggling to make this work. 

  1. In the Leads Qualification step in the Playbook Editor, I see only "Schedule a meeting" as an Activity option. Any way to add "Email" here? This would be the cleanest option. (see attached)
  2. If 1. above is not an option, how do I identify the leads that come from that particular Qualify and Route Chatbot sub-stream, and only send the report to them?
  3. I am struggling to see where I can add attachments to emails in workflow automations.




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    Thank you so much for reaching us with your question. I will do my best to answer as fully as possible.

    It is indeed currently not possible to send an email at the end of a chatbot playbook, so option one is not available.

    What I would suggest instead is creating a workflow automation for this. Answering question 2, leads from a specific playbook can be identified through the prefix:

    With this in mind, you can then create an automation like so:
    The attachment should be added to the email template.

    Hopefully this will help!

    Have a lovely week!