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HI, we are new to Pipedrive and have a couple questions:

Background: we have a long sales cycle, and typically send 'samples' to clients long before we 'close' a deal (so, we need to followup with the client inbetween the sample sending and order stages).

  1.  What would be the best practice for logging efforts like 'sending a sample' (which would likely also involve a followup activity)?  There seem to be 2 options - a) log the effort as a NOTE (sent samples of "x"), which then assuming there should be a tied followup associated, then you would create an ACTIVITY (followup on samples sent), OR b) you could log the effort (of sending samples) as an Activity, which then allows for a scheduled followup.  {Note; it seems that natively if you create a NOTE you can not simply connect an ACTIVITY to the NOTE - via one click, like you can with method "b)" above)
  2. Where does the automation start (ie: what is the trigger)?  Say, for example, i want to create a 'campaign' of events based off of 'sending the sample' referenced above, where does the campaign begin (at the creation of NOTE - like 'samples sent', OR via creating an ACTIVITY based on the aforementioned effort? 

Ultimately, we are trying to start using PD in the most efficient way, and have an internal debate, specifically on Question #1 above.  

thanks in advance.  if anyone has guidance and prefers to talk through their wisdom, i am all ears - 303-.589.4100 - PETE


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