LeadBooster chat tracking with GTM or GA

Sampsa Hakakoski
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Is it possible to track LeadBooster chat interactions with Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics?


Thanks in advance!


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    At the moment, no. 

  • That would be really important, is impossible to run paid traffic to a landing page with Pipedrive Leadbooster without tracking the conversions.. without this feature it makes no sense for any business that invest in paid traffic to use Pipedrive Leadbooster

  • RI
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    It IS possible but it requires editing the Leadbooster script so it requires knowing how to code JavaScript.

    Someone who knows JavaScript can edit the script to manually push an event to the GTM datalayer, or to send an event to Google Ads, or some other tracking service. You may need to find a coder to help.

    As a starting point, the below code will push events to Plausible Analytics. For sending events to GTM you need to use dataLayer.push as explained here: https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/datalayer-push/ Maybe if you send the below example, your LeadBooster script, and that link to a developer, they can make the needed changes for you.

    <script>window.pipedriveLeadboosterConfig = {
        base: 'leadbooster-chat.pipedrive.com',
        companyId: YOUR COMPANY ID HERE!!!,
        playbookUuid: YOUR ID HERE!!!,
        version: 2
    (function () {
        var w = window;
        if (w.LeadBooster) {
            console.warn('LeadBooster already exists');
        } else {
            w.LeadBooster = {
                q: [], on: function (n, h) {
                    this.q.push({ t: 'o', n: n, h: h });
                }, trigger: function (n) {
                    this.q.push({ t: 't', n: n });
            w.LeadBooster.on('conversationEnded', function(data) {
                if (data.qualified) {
                } else {
            w.LeadBooster.on('opened', function(data) {
            w.LeadBooster.on('closed', function(data) {
    })();</script><script src="https://leadbooster-chat.pipedrive.com/assets/loader.js" async></script>