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Hi All,

I found that there is no way to see products list in deals list view, I can add number of products only. So I can't analyze convertion rates for deals with specific product or group of products, I don't know which products do I have in pipeline etc. I have to check one by one what is not an option when we have many deals in pipeline.

I think it would be nice feature - maybe it is possible to add it to road map?

What do you think? Or maybe you have/know some workaround?

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  • Frits Strating_6654
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    Hi Tomasz, I asked for this for years now.  They are not listening for this. 
    We use a way around for this. We have a multi select field with all products and we use a workflow to update de deal title with the selected products. This works fine for us.

  • Tomasz_58083
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    Hi Frits - thank you for your answer - could you please attach some screens or desribe it in steps in details?


  • Julia Schoonover
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    I have been looking into this as well. It is frustrating that there are only options for the sum of different products & not broken out. I was going into each deal when trying to do forecast reports.
    I am going to try Frits Strating's idea of creating a custom field to help.