Campaign Updates in Contacts Timeline Feature


It would be great if you can see the campaign updates like newsletters sent out, newsletter opened, newsletter clicked kind of updates on the contacts timeline. Outfunnel that provides integration with Mailchimp is able to do something similar. It would be great to have that feature in Pipedrive campaigns.

Contacts Timeline with Campaign Updates


  • Janis Rozenblats
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    Very good idea @AliAsgher Sunelwala . We've recorded this idea and will review it with the team.

  • Jeff Farrick
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    Outfunnel does this by creating custom acvtivity "types" in your PipeDrive account and subsequently creating activities under your contacts based on their engagement.

    While it would be impossible to track conventional email metrics in the contact timeline, it would be relatively easy to create (and mark as complete) an activity under each person in your campaign on the day you send a campaign.