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Manuel Oliveira
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It is now possible to select multiple organizations and persons in Deal filters


For whom? 

All users and plans.


Available now for all regions.



  • Wesley_49026
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    Nice feature! This helps our sales team to have a clear insight of the status of the must win accounts. Thanks :-)

  • Leena Saleh
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    Does this apply for all filtering? Organization, Deal and Person? 



  • Piet-Hein Smit
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    This is a true helpfull new functionality. 
    Especially now we are getting close to the end of the year and you would like to compare your last year perfomance to the year before. 
    That is still a workaround. But knowing PipeDrive now fore a little while, they will adjust this feature in the near future (december?). 

    Keep up the good work, PipeDrive team.