Required fields when moving deal to new stage

Hanna Homb Reistad
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Do anyone else experience getting this pop-up message when they move a deal to a new stage despite the required fields being filled out already? Is this a bug? 

I get the point of the pop-up when there are required fields you actually must fill out to move to the next stage, and appreciate that you can fill them out then and there. However, the pop-up message confuses the user when the fields are already filled out.  





  • Amit Sarda (
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    Looks like a bug. The unfilled fields should show up in the popup.

  • Irina Iglesias
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    Hello @Hanna Homb Reistad 

    We are sorry you are having this issue. If it still happens after clearing caches and cookies from the browser you are using, please reach out to our support via chat or email to as we would need to check it. 


    Thank you.