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I have been working on the insights feature of Pipedrive and i feel we must be able to filter data based on custom monetary fields. As for my company we use these for filling product values. So the objective is to get reports based on each product performance. Currently, it's not possible as there is a limitation in Pipedrive on this. 

Are others also facing such limitations on insights feature?


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    Hi Ali! 

    I am not fully sure how you need to filter it out right now. We do have custom fields as filter options if you are on a Professional plan. However, indeed dependant on the field type there can be some small differences. In this case, Monetary field is not possible to use in Filters (except default Deal Value one); but it is possible to add them in View/Measure/Segment by options and visualise in the table under the graph itself. 

    However, it is good feedback for us and will forward it to stress that filtering with these fields would be also useful for our customers. 

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